We provide complete web design, development and website maintenance solution which includes design alterations, copy updates, creating and editing of custom forms, promoting your websites online and much more

arkloop maintains websites for some very demanding customers. Let us take care of routine updates and day to day maintenance chores. We do so for hundreds of satisfied commercial customers, working in the background so that you have confidence that your sites are working, no matter what.

We take care of your website completely, making all your online users happy. Our packages for maintaining a website are far better than others. We have various website maintenance packages available with us, which will suit your budget and will make happy your online users. All the three website maintenance packages are listed below
Package for updating, revamping, fixing errors and fine tuning the website in one go…
Errors can occur on your website anytime due to server errors, hackers or any new updated browser which might not display your website to users in a proper shape. Hence it's advised to always keep on updating your website and keep it intact for your online users (Remember what major website developers always speak that, website can act as your best sales manager).

Our method and process for fixing errors and fine tuning your website:
  1. Our team gets in touch with you and understands your business model and your online user's website need.
  2. We study each and every element of your website and your business for fine tuning the website.
  3. We come out with a list defining what exactly needs to be fixed and how to shape your website for your online users to experience a change.
  4. In one time updating we update your website copy and content, main header images for each pages as well as home page flash animation or transition. If required forms are also created and support for domain and web space are provided.
Monthly Contract
You may work in a marketplace where information on your website is constantly changing. We offer monthly website maintenance contracts that allow you to pass on updates and changes to us, these prices start at £12 per month.

Monthly Contract Package for Maintaining your Complete Website

We offer monthly packages which suites your budget and you can rely our services. We have a large client base. You may work in an industry where the content or images need to be updated on your website on daily or weekly basis. Hence for updating the content, copy or images online on your website all you have to do is email us your requirement and all your changes will be completed and the same will be reflecting on the website in less than 8 hours.
Yearly Website Maintenance Package for Maintaining your Complete Website

The yearly website Maintenance Package purely depends and varies according to the changes cycle desired and the number of pages and features your website has. Contact us for yearly maintenance package details for your website OR fill a small website maintenance form, so that one of our executive will get in touch with you As soon as possible.
Contact us so that we can take care of your complete website design and maintenance and you with your team can focus on your business and mission.

Terms and Policies:
  • For Monthly Website Maintenance Package we accept orders for minimum commitment of 6 Months.
  • These charges are per website prices.
  • All the amount should be paid before the commencement of work.
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