Whether it's a recession or tough time in your business, it's important that you market your business more to get noticed by your target audience in a cheap price and faster approach with better quality

Our SEO efforts target Website Design Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and our primary concern is with the Google search engine since the great majority of all searchers across the globe use Google. Try typing into Google Website Design Navi Mumbai and see if you can find us?

SEO problem websites
We believe not every website can be optimized effectively for search engines. We tend to avoid certain websites with poor XHTML or websites with a table based layout, frames or worse still developed entirely in flash!

Google finds these sites difficult to crawl and understand, making SEO an uphill battle.

It's not in your interest to spend money on SEO work when you would get better results from a redesign, and it would be cheaper too in the long term.

Search engine optimization for you! Our services includes:
  • Website analysis to determine what needs to be done
  • Identification of attainable key search phrases for your website
  • Content & main heading analysis
  • Meta tag analysis
  • Link text analysis
  • Main navigation
  • Content optimization
  • Manual submission to key directories such as DMOZ
  • Manual search engine submissions to Google, Yahoo and Bing if required
  • Google Blogger incorporated into your website!
  • Updatable news sections
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